About Us

Quality · Service · Innovation

We take great pride in the three words above. Founded in 1986 Cinelli's Pizzeria originated in one of the most saturated and dynamic food markets in all of the United States. With high quality competitors all around, Cinelli's Pizzeria knew that it would not only have to match or better the fellow establishments, but to be successful Cinelli's Pizzeria would have to provide a different dining experience. Created by Italian immigrants these "founding fathers" wanted to bring the knowledge and love for the outstanding food they had seen and enjoyed throughout their family history to their new community. The problem was that with countless pizzerias and restaurants in the vicinity something different had to be developed, and it was. Although the Cinelli brothers were born in a different country they moved here at very early ages and were able to learn about American ingenuity. The decision was made to bring the restaurant to the customer.

Approaching the nineteenth year since opening, Cinelli's is the leading independent Pizzeria/Restaurant delivery service in the New York tri-state area as well as in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. Over the years Cinelli's has slowly put together a state of the art takeout system. Today Cinelli's has the leading Point of sale computer technology to help stay in constant touch with the customers and products. A fleet of fifteen (New York), fully equipped delivery trucks and cars. Each one of our trucks and cars contains 200 Degree ovens as well as cold Boxes. Because of these facts, Cinelli's is able to supply hot and cold food to a radius of over sixty miles from each location. Reliance for state of the art technology has spread to all parts of the company. From the preparation equipment to unique rotational pizza ovens Cinelli's has some of the most cutting edge tools of the trade. Not to mention the uncompromised quality of our ingredients and our ever expanding menu. These are the facts that allow Cinelli's Pizzeria to ignite innovation and create a unique dining experience.

The Cinelli Family is from the town of Monte San Giovanni Campano, Italy. This town is located in the hills on the outskirts of the city of Rome with origins that date back to the 1200's. It is here with the bountiful olive trees, vineyards and tomato fields that the Cinelli Family first came to appreciate beauty and delight of fine food and drink. During WWII the Cinelli's and other relatives would cultivate the meats, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products from their local farms. They would then deliver these delicious products by foot or donkey to American GIs stationed throughout the region. Today our delivery system is slightly different. Donkey's have been replaced by cars and trucks, but our resourcefulness and quality service have remained the system.